When ISIS came we fled to the mountains, but the militants captured us on the way and told us to stay in the village where we would be safe. They said we would be freed.

They lied.

They took us to Syria by buses. I was with around four hundred other girls.

The man who chose me was very angry.

He beat me and threatened to shoot me.

He threatened to reunite me with my parents who he claimed were dead.

I told him he should kill me too.

He took us to a farm where we hardly ate anything for eight days.

They registered our names then sold us again.

Each time they'd take around four or five girls to the auction.

Then would come to take more.

The person who bought me took me to Raqqa.

He took me to an underground prison.

I stayed there with other girls he had bought for twelve days.

They beat us because we wouldn't convert to Islam.

One day five men came in.

One of whom was French.

He asked if I knew how to cook and if I spoke Arabic. I told him I didn't. He said he'll teach me and bought me anyway.

But he only took me to sell me again, this time to an old man from Saudi Arabia who lived with a Jordanian.

The two men locked me in a room in a basement and brought me a black abaya (chador) to wear.

I was locked in and couldn't leave the room.

Everyday they came to me, assaulted me, and left me food.

One day when they left  the house they forgot to lock the door.

I put on the abaya and ran away.


Identifying details of the girls' accounts have been omitted, their names changed, and identifying physical features and designs (such as tattoos) have been deleted in order to ensure their safety.