ISIS tried to convert us to Islam. We all just cried, even my father.

They brought us to a school, took all our money and possessions.

We heard they had killed four truck-loads of men from our village.

When we heard the planes flying overhead I prayed they would bomb our men. It would have been better than being killed by ISIS.

I also wished they drop bombs on us.

I'd preferred to be killed by shelling than be captured by ISIS.

I was not sold but they brought me to Raqqa in Syria and gave me to a Saudi family as a gift.

I became their slave.

I was their slave for eight months.

They took me to school to study the Quran.

I saw the beheaded and crucified bod of a YPG fighter [Syrian Kurdish militia fighting ISIS]. I was terrified.


Identifying details of the girls' accounts have been omitted, their names changed, and identifying physical features and designs (such as tattoos) have been deleted in order to ensure their safety.