They kept us in Talafar for two months.

They then took us to Raqqa in Syria.

There were about three hundred of us. We were put in a big hall.

Many women had their babies with them.

The babies were hungry and crying.

The children were given one egg a day.

In the first night nine girls tried to escape.

They tied their clothes together to make a rope and lowered themselves out of the window, but the terrorists caught them and brought them back in.

They beat every one of us as a punishment.

They then placed us all in a big room and locked the door.

They left us with no water to drink or to wash up.

Many days later they took us to another building and put us on display for sale.

I was sold to a forty year-old man from Saudi Arabia.

He asked me to marry him.

When I refused he pointed to three objects on his table - a knife, a gun, and a rope.

He said he'd use all three if I  don't comply.

I refused over and over again.

So he beat me.

He also beat my niece, who was three years-old.

I was sold again, this time to a single man who wanted to marry me.

I refused and resisted his advances and again I was beaten along with my little niece.

When he couldn't rape me, he gave up and sold me again.

In the new house I did all the work: cleaning, cooking, and washing.

The man who bought me said he must sleep with me in order to make me a real Muslim.

I told him that if he slept with me I'd become his wife and then I would not be a slave anymore.

His wife threatened to leave him if he slept with me.

And she was very angry at my niece for not knowing Arabic.

She stuffed pepper in her mouth and locked her in a room without water.

She beat her so hard you can still see the scars today.

They wouldn't let me change her diapers for a week.

We were only allowed to eat small portions of food because after all we were slaves and we shouldn't expect to have much food.


Identifying details of the girls' accounts have been omitted, their names changed, and identifying physical features and designs (such as tattoos) have been deleted in order to ensure their safety.